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While our fall 2021 campaign is complete, it's never too late to give -- please consider the Whitman Education Foundation
in your year-end giving plans. 
We are grateful for all donations.  
Click here to donate now.


The Whitman High School Education Foundation (WHSEF) is an independent non-profit organization committed to supporting Walt Whitman High School's efforts to achieve and sustain academic excellence by enhancing the intellectual, social/emotional, and physical experience of all Whitman students and the Whitman community.

We do this by:

  • funding projects that enhance the intellectual, social/emotional, and physical experience of students;

  • collaborating with faculty, administration, students and parent leadership on specific needs and priorities;

  • funding gaps in technology, program, facility, equipment, and professional development needs of the school;

  • raising funds as need; and

  • considering charitable support within the Whitman and MCPS communities as needs arise.

Latest News

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped the work of the Whitman Foundation!  With generous support of the Whitman community, WHSEF was able to fund 41 grants during the 2020-2021 school year to assist our students and staff as they learned virtually and as they returned to in-person learning in the spring.  Highlights include the following:

  • Professional development for teachers in Art, Spanish, Physics and the Leadership Academy for Social Justice

  • Virtual summer college essay writing workshop for all Whitman rising seniors

  • Enhancements to Whitman's new addition including the Whitman seal for the atrium floor

  • Stipends for teachers leading the Minority Scholars Program, improving the Whitman website, and working in the newly opened Innovation/Makerspace Lab

  • Portable 4K smart boards and mobile computer carts for administrative team

  • Laptops, chromebooks, USB microphones, standing desks, WiFi extenders and printers for various Whitman staff working at home

  • Subscriptions for software for remote music classes including Sight Reading Factory and Smart Music program

  • Supplies and equipment for Special Education classes and support for virtual field trip to Imagination Stage for Special Education students

  • Facilitator training for One Whitman leaders

  • Speakers for Health Education classes

  • Charitable support for Wheaton High School and the George B. Thomas Learning Academy

"Whitman simply would not be the same school without your support. One key partnership is through Whitman’s Education Foundation.  Grants from WHSEF have enhanced the overall instructional program in numerous ways over the years, providing state-of the art technology, extended media center hours, program support, and professional development for teachers.  In addition, WHSEF has made important facilities improvements. .Your assistance makes a difference."

… Dr. Alan Goodwin, former Principal of Walt Whitman High School

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