The Whitman High School Education Foundation (WHSEF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2005 in response to parents’ desire to raise funds to create the outdoor courtyard area of the school. Over time, WHSEF’s mission has evolved into one focused on maintaining the excellence of the Whitman experience by supporting the school's unmet needs.   As public funding has grown tighter and enrollment continues to increase, WHSEF’s work has become more critical.


To accomplish its mission, WHSEF relies on contributions from parents and community members to award grants, including: Media Center support and modernization, technology and equipment, facility improvements, professional development opportunities for staff, and program enhancements. 

The all-volunteer board meets monthly throughout the school year to review grant requests.  Board members collaborate with Whitman staff, and student and parent leadership to identify needs and priorities.

2020-2021 WHSEF

Board of Directors


Amy Heavner Moore      

Laura Miller



Matt McGuire                    

Assistant Treasurer

Gary Crichton

Recording Secretary

Monique Kadnar


Christine Chan

Yeages Cowan

Susan Eagle

Shannon Golub

Allison Harrison

Doug Mintz

Yvonne Van Lowe

Ellen Wright

Ex-Officio Representatives

Dr. Robert Dodd, Principal

Libby Hillard, School Business Administrator

Nasim Shojaei, PTSA President

Betsy Dodson, PTSA EVP

Alice Gallin-Dwyer