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We Thank Our 2022 Fall Donors

Viking Platinum ($2,500 +)

Joanne Hayes-Rines

Laura & Kevin Miller

Anna & Ronnie van der Wouden

Yan Wang

Viking Gold ($1,000-$2,499)


The Bloxham Kraus Family

The Chase Family

Jennifer Cooper & Jon Coleman
Stacey & Matthew Eisenstein
Kimberly & Bruce Levin

The Owen Family

Marianne Sullivan & Debbie Bunker

Viking Silver ($500-$999)


Alana & Greg Aronin

Benji's Mom

The Berman Family

Matt & Mark Buckley

Campe-Van Wyke Family

The Galanti Family

The Golub Family

Akin & Allison Harrison

Drs. Susan Henderson & Dale Hu

Stuart & Deanna Ingis

The Melleys

The Mihm Family

Hillary & Doug Mintz

The Moore Family

The Pelmoter Family

Rachel & David Roscow

A Singh

The Yehl Family


Viking Bronze ($250-$499)


The Afas Family

Pat Antonietti

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Colyn & Chris Cain

Christine Chan & Michael Reiskin

The Conroy Family

Manny & Yeages Cowan

Dani & Gary Crichton

Maya Crone & Scott McNulty

Katie Funk

The Garrett-Sun Family

Nate & Annette Gatten

The Graham Family

Jenn Hahn
Jennifer Han

Laura Hayes-Heuer & Steve Heuer
Marc Heller

Sarah & Jay Johnson

Ali & Najiyah Khan

Shelley Klein & Cathy Bendor

Felicia Kolodner

Yana Kravtsova

Mita & Raj Kumar

Julie & Paul Lane

Kelli & Keith Lawson

The Leotta Family

The Profet Family

The Mah Family

Lisa Mandell

The Mayo Family

The Mills Family

The Minai Family

Royce & Chris Murray

The Roman Family

The Rothman Family

Laura Rusch

The Schultzes

The Shandler Family

The Shavitz Family 

Tiffany & Zachary Sikes

The Silver Family

Radica Sipcic & Dejan Pavlovic

The Teti Family

The Sun-Garrett Family

Yvonne & Kevin VanLowe

The van Riper Family

Krista Wilkerson

Julia & Brad Wong

Viking Blue


The Aronoff Family

The Blot Family

Hillary & Scott Berman

The Chatterji-Len Family

Julie Cohen

The DeLano Family 

The Dixia Xia Family

Beth & JD Donaldson

The Donnan Family

Jon Dorsey & Melinda Mclaughlin

Matthew D'Uva & Amy Neugebauer 

Kevin Easley

Guinevere Eden

Stephanie & Andy Eichberg

Amy & Adam Eisner

Laura & Nick Farrell

Omar Fida 

Stephanie Flack

The Foa Family

Anne de Fontenay

The Gehres Family

The Gray Family

The Greenberg Family

Gerry & Kristi Gunster

The Hauptman Family

Twyla Jacobsen

The Janger Family

Alicia Jennings

Lilliam Jimenez Ibrahim

Scott Joftus & Cara Lesser
The Joshi Family

Christine & David Kim

The Kuhn Family

Karen Ledet

Joanne Leong

The Lowe Family

Elizabeth McIntyre

The Marcus Family

Janet & Michael Miller

The Minshew Family

The Mordan Family

Alan Ocana

Geralyn O'Marra

Jennifer & Paul Reichert
Traci Reisner

The Ridao Family
Jill & Jeremy Rider

Caroline Rivers

The Roddy Family

Joseph Roman's Mother

Paige & Aaron Rosenfeld 

Samantha & Eliza's Parents

The Samos Rivas Family

Andrew Schwartz

Nikki & Jason Schwartz

The Salsberg Family

Jara & Scott Shapiro
The Starr Family

Kim & Zach Taylor

The Thalmans

The Varma Family

John & Paige Waterman

The Werkman Family

Victor Yin

Lora Franklin Zuk



"The new drums for Drumline have been truly very awesome. Our old equipment was very dated, our sound was worse, and some drums were literally falling apart. Having reliable, quality equipment is a game changer. Having new drums has also allowed us to add a lot more members and share the amazing experience of being on Drumline with them is a really special thing. A better quality, bigger Drumline spreads the Whitman spirit even more.
Thank you Whitman Foundation!"

— Jack Mandell, Senior Class President and Drumline Snare Captain

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