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What Exactly Is The Whitman Education Foundation’s “Dedication to Education” Social?

Your Questions Answered!


Q. Where is the Social being held this year? Is it at the same place as last year?

A. We are very pleased to host the Social at a new location this year: Kenwood Country Club in Bethesda (just off River Road near Whole Foods). The address is 5601 River Road, Bethesda- only 5 minutes away from Whitman.

Q: Will I be asked to pull out my checkbook? Is there an auction?

A: No! While the Social is the Foundation’s primary source of fundraising for second semester, there are no solicitations at the event.

Q: Is it a formal, sit down dinner? Do I have to buy a table?

A: No! It’s a casual, mix and mingle evening. Your ticket includes an open beer & wine bar and delicious food stations (and a tasty dessert!). There will be tables for anyone who wants to sit, but most attendees spend the evening up and mingling.


Q. Is there a dress code?

A. No, however most attendees wear clothes appropriate for a work event or a nice social function. Coat and tie are not required.


Q. Is there parking/is there a charge to park at Kenwood?

A. There is ample parking at Kenwood Country Club and there is no charge to park. We do encourage the use of ride sharing services as well.

Q: Will there be long speeches?

A: No! Dr. Dodd will speak briefly about how the Foundation is encouraging innovation in the classroom at Whitman. Mostly, we’ll spend our evening talking with teachers and friends new and old, enjoying a drink and a bite to eat and being entertained by many of Whitman’s amazing musical groups, which is always a highlight!


Q: Do teachers pay to attend the Social?

A: No. The Foundation invites the entire Whitman staff to attend the event on a complimentary basis. Our generous community makes this possible through sponsorships and underwriting of teacher tickets.

Q: Do I need to register in advance or can I pay at the door?

A: In an effort to ensure we have enough great food, drink and Georgetown Cupcakes for everyone, we kindly ask everyone to register in advance.

Q: Can you tell me more about sponsorships?

A: Both individuals and companies can be sponsors. Sponsorships are the primary way the Foundation raises money to underwrite teacher tickets and support its ongoing work. Sponsorships start at $250 and include admission for two people and listing on the event website and in other event communication.

Q. I can’t attend the Social but I’d like to support the Foundation’s work. How can I do that?

A. We would love to see you at the event on March 13- but understand that schedules can conflict. But you can still support the Foundation’s work by sponsoring the event or underwriting a teacher’s ticket; we are grateful for your support. Please visit the Foundation’s website to donate:


Q. What does the Foundation do with the money it raises at the Social?

A. We’re happy to tell you! Here is a comprehensive list of the grants the Foundation funded in 2018-2019:


Have additional questions about the 2020 “Dedication to Education” Social?

Contact Ellen Wright ( or Laura Miller (

Join us; you’ll be glad you did!

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