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The Whitman High School Education Foundation (WHSEF) is an independent non-profit organization committed to supporting Walt Whitman High School's efforts to achieve and sustain academic excellence by enhancing the intellectual, social, and physical experience of all Whitman students and the Whitman community.


We raise funds as needed in order to provide grants to fund unmet technology, program, facility, equipment, and professional development needs of the school, and projects that enhance the academic experience of our students.


We collaborate with Whitman faculty, administration, students, and parent leadership on specific needs and priorities.


We consider charitable 
suport within the Whitman
and MCPS community as
needs arise.


"The Whitman High School Language Cafe is a place for ALL students to practice their language skills, celebrate their identity, and learn about other cultures. It enables us to maintain a comfortable and welcoming space in which language learners can come to practice their language skills in a relaxed atmosphere, and proficient speakers can share their knowledge and culture. Last year, the impact of the Language Cafe Events was tremendous!  Without the Whitman High School Education Foundation, none of this would be possible."

— Rebecca Zatz, World Language Resource Teacher


With generous support of the Whitman community, WHSEF has funded numerous grants, providing our students and staff with wider opportunities to learn. Read about more of our grants on the Donate page. Highlights include:

Math and executive function tutoring programs — started after Covid and continuing with Foundation funding


Professional Development for teachers in subject areas ranging from Literature and Art to Special Education and Foreign Languages


Livestream equipment for the Whitman Auditorium to facilitate the livestreaming of events to the Whitman community

Exercise equipment for PE, including a leg press machine and a treadmill for adaptive Physical Education

A cash register for an in-school store for a Special Education program

T10-84 Calculators for the Special Education department to be used by students in class

DSLR cameras for AP Photography, Digital Art, and the Whitman Yearbook staff


Audio-Visual Equipment and SD cards to facilitate Whitman Shorts, a student-directed broadcast journalism program

Furnished new Digital Music Room with the latest technology, for advanced and entry-level classes 

Drug Prevention Speaker — Tony Hoffman — as part of Whitman's Drug Awareness Week

Support for teachers to use innovative programs designed to provide enrichment for the computer science department

5 PCR thermal cyclers and electrophoresis kits for AP Biology/ Molecular Biology/ Environmental Science/ Forensic labs

Your support is critical to the work we do. Thank you!

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